Crime scene fingerprints examined

original digital vs scanned back digital from film


DIGINEG Ltd. was provided with digital images of crime scene fingerprints. The digital files were recorded to archival-quality 35-mm film. The film was then scanned and digital files were created.

The original digital images along with the digital files created from the scanned back film were sent to qualified latent fingerprint examiner Mr. James De Valle, former NYPD Police Sergeant where he supervised the Major Crime Unit of the Latent Print Section.

Following is an excerpt from his findings.

“I have completed my analysis of the images sent to me and my findings are as follows:

Both exemplars Test#1 and Test#2 were analyzed and compared to each other and I observed no dissimilarities of Item Test# 2, the copy* of the original, to Item Test#1, the original.

The friction skin detail on the digitized copy was intact, clear, and suffered no deformations of the ridge flow, thickness or direction, in fact the copy* even recorded some dimensional attributes such as sweat pores on top of the friction ridged skin as well as the breaks in the ridges that were also present in the original.

My colleagues, who are all certified Latent Print Examiners, are of the same opinion. The digitized copy* was clear and of very good quality.”

* denotes digital image created from the scanned back archival-quality 35-mm film

Test #1 (original)
Test #2 (scanned back copy)